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What is Lipocavitation?
Lipocavitation is a non-invasive method for removing localized fat deposits. Using low frequency ultrasound, this treatment breaks down fat cells, making them easier for the body to eliminate naturally. It is an excellent alternative to liposuction for those looking to sculpt their figure without surgery.

Non-Invasive: No surgery, no needles, no downtime.
Visible Results: The effects are often visible after a few sessions.
Fast Treatment: Each session generally lasts less than an hour.
Safe and Effective: Approved by medical authorities for its effectiveness and safety.
How it works ?
Lipocavitation uses low-frequency ultrasound to target fat cells, causing them to rupture and be eliminated naturally through the lymphatic system.

The cost of Lipocavitation treatment for the body is 100€ – 20% = 80€.
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