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Eyelash Lifting and Tinting

What is Eyelash Lifting?

Eyelash enhancement is a method that allows you to curl your eyelashes in a natural way. Unlike eyelash perming, which uses curlers, lash lift uses silicone forms to achieve a more natural, smooth curve.


  • Natural effect

  • Long-term (up to 8 weeks)

  • No damage to eyelashes

How it works ?

  1. Eyelash cleaning

  2. Application of a silicone patch on the eyelid

  3. Application of a fixing gel

  4. Exposure time

  5. Removing the gel and patch


60 euros for eyelash enhancement

What is Eyelash Tinting?

Eyelash tinting is a technique that involves coloring the eyelashes to give them more visibility and depth. This is a great option for those with naturally light lashes.


  • Intensifies the look

  • No need for mascara

  • Waterproof

How it works ?

  1. Eyelash cleaning

  2. Applying the stain

  3. Exposure time

  4. Removing the dye


15 euro for eyelash tinting

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